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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Benefits Of Climbing The Stairs

Posted By: Oladiti Atm - July 27, 2017

There are several forms of exercise that people make use of to reach their respective goals. Different activities work for different people, and the degree of weight loss and endurance varies depending on a person's diet, metabolic rate, weight, etc. Time is of the essence to everyone, irrespective of their age, gender, or religion. Combining the urgency of time and meeting independent fitness goals, we have one form of exercise that is available to everyone and is one of the more easy ways to lose weight, but underutilized and overlooked. The effectiveness of this is more than any other form of quick cardio. This is the infamous - STAIRS!

Losing weight in certain spots is always hard, as a person's problem areas will always be the weakest and need the most attention. Spot losing is one of the biggest challenges when a person exercises, as it requires long-term perseverance to actually lose the same.

Most Indian women have pear-shaped bodies (thin upper body and big hips). Therefore we're often trying to find out how to reduce hip fat! It is one of the most common issues a woman faces when trying to spot-lose weight.

Climbing stairs engages the following muscles when utilized:
Lower back
Gluteal muscles (gluteus medius and minimus)

This is an incredible 6-in-1 package for women as it is a sure-shot and one of the more easy ways to reduce weight.

Every person looking for quick and effective weight loss techniques should make use of their building's stairs while going to their respective homes or offices. This can start off as 2 floors, increase to 5 and even go beyond 10. Not only does these steps greatly tone one's legs, hips, and butt, but also drastically increases a person's stamina.

Even planned workouts can be done on stairs. Several exercises like step-ups, calf raises, and other such exercises can be done on steps and require no other equipment. The advantage of steps is that it combines strength through body weight and stamina through the cardio aspect, thus giving a person an overall work out.

Stairs provide free and natural body sculpting for users, and it is important to note how much muscle and stamina improvement occurs if this is done regularly. This is one of the easiest ways to lose weight, and the biggest tip to save time and money while doing so. A person loses an average of 0.17 calories per step they take, which can add up to anywhere between 200 and 400 calories!

Additionally, people with weak knees and ankles as well as a weak back should be careful, as the impact of climbing stairs can strain these body parts. Even if a person doesn't suffer from any of the above; overdoing the stairs can actually create these problems and therefore should be done in controlled quantities.

An ideal workout using stairs should be at least 30 minutes, as it burns approximately 250 calories along with toning and shaping a person. This combined body workout can really strengthen someone's body and make them chiseled.

Walking regularly is widely considered to be one of the best tips to reduce weight. This literally gives you no excuse to skip a workout, because stairs are one of the most accessible areas for people in any and every strata of society.

How To Make Healthy Decisions When Eating Out

Posted By: Oladiti Atm - July 27, 2017

Healthy tools

It's one thing to eat healthy at home when you're in control of what's available - but eating out while traveling can sometimes put a strain on our healthy eating habits. Travel and meals out are a part of life - and quite enjoyable, don't you think? So feeling confident and comfortable with making healthy choices with the options you're given is an important part of continuing your healthy lifestyle.

The holidays are only a few months away, where your calendar will be overflowing with holiday parties. Therefore, now is the time to get this under wraps so you can sail right into the holiday season confident that you won't enter the new year with any un-welcomed extra pounds!

Here are a few simple tips you can take with you wherever you go...

Don't be afraid to ask. If you're having difficulty finding something healthy on a menu, don't be afraid to ask for a modification. For example, if you're at an Italian restaurant with a menu full of pasta dishes - consider substituting the pasta for broccoli or spinach. You still get the toppings and sauce, but without the plate full of extra carbs. The dish still tastes just as great!

Avoid drinking your calories. This goes for anytime, but an incredibly simple way to make a small healthy shift is to choose water. It's clearly the healthiest choice, but this doesn't mean you can't enjoy a green tea or the occasional glass of red wine alongside your water. Balance is everything, but water is the top priority.

Prepare yourself before going out. Deciding which of the meals on the menu are both tasty and healthy can be time-consuming and not the kind of task you want to do while you're in the restaurant. It can be smart to look at the menu of the restaurant before hand, which can usually be found on their website. From the comfort of your own home, you can research which of the meals is the healthiest, and you'll be ready to order when you get there without studying the menu for ten minutes!

Another of my favorite tips is ordering an appetizer as my meal with a side salad. The amount of food you get with an appetizer and a small side salad is usually just the right amount - unlike the over-sized portions often found on the entrée menu.

So, as you can see, these are simple hacks that can make a difference in the quality of food you eat while eating out. With healthy restaurants popping up everywhere, it becomes easier and easier to find healthy options while eating out, so take advantage of that and you'll feel better for it too.

Cooling Meals For Hot Summer Days

Posted By: Oladiti Atm - July 27, 2017

Cooling Meals

Those hot summer days where you can't escape the heat are the very last days you want a warm meal. We can attempt to escape the heat by changing what foods we choose to eat.

We crave cooling foods in the hot months, and warming foods in the cooler months. It's amazing how our bodies know just what we need and just what it needs to achieve balance. So make sure to listen to your body this summer and feed it what it's asking for - more cooling foods.

Here are a few of my simple, cool meals that I love to have in the Summer...

A salad is the perfect cool, healthy and light meal for any hot day of the year. Not only does it take little energy to make, but it is also very light on your stomach. Your body will thank you for eating a salad in more ways than one. You will be loading up on your vitamins and minerals from all of the fresh veggies you add.

Instead of waiting until Winter to have a bowl of soup, have you considered making cold soups? A Spanish gazpacho is a perfect example of a cold, raw soup with raw tomatoes and other vegetables.This cold soup will cool you down, hydrate you and nourish your body, which makes it perfect for a hot day.

Fruit salad doesn't always go as a full meal, but it's ideal for a snack, dessert or side dish. Fruit salads taste delicious, are cold, raw, and they are healthy for you. You could include fruits like pineapple, grapes, banana, or apple. A true summer fruit that you must add to your fruit salad is watermelon. This fruit screams summer, and it's one of the most hydrating fruits as well. Hydration is
crucial for hot summer days.

Veggie Tortillas. Fill your tortillas (or lettuce leaves) with raw or chilled veggies and herbs for a cooling summer version of tacos. Simple and quick, this makes a great lunch for your summer lunch breaks at work. Cucumber strips, spiralized carrots and zucchini make this meal idea delicious.

These foods are perfect for all the hot days that are yet to come, and all of them are simple and quick to make. On these warm summer days, the last thing you want to do is stand over a hot stove. So, with these meals you can enjoy your summer while making it a little easier for yourself, and you can still have delicious food on the table each day.

Secrets of Long Term Weight Control

Posted By: Oladiti Atm - July 27, 2017

Weight Control

1. Low-calorie portion controlled diet: Successful weight loss maintainers continue to act like recently successful weight losers for many years after weight loss. They do not believe in a transient change but a lasting change in lifestyle and dietary habits. We typically ask our patients to limit their carbohydrate intake during the daytime and eat between 1200 and 2000 calories each day. We have them weigh in once a week to make sure that their calorie/carbohydrate intake is not causing weight regain. Often meal replacements are used to substitute for meals so there is fewer stimuli to eat more types of/ quantities of foods and a known carbohydrate/caloric intake is utilized. Diets that typically vary more lead to weight regain whereas diets that are simplified and restricted to less food types lead to improved weight loss and weight maintenance. The National Weight Control Registry has indicated that people who keep 30 pounds or more off for six years typically have an average intake of 1400 cal. Obviously people with more muscle mass can eat more in this typically refers to men. Women, typically have less muscle mass and as result need to have less caloric intake.

2. Exercise: Exercise can be as simple as 3 1/2 hours per week or 2800 calories per week of physical activity. Patients who tend to keep weight off average 2500 calories per week for women and 3300 calories per week for men. Also limiting TV viewing time and limiting eating out to less than once a week seems to be beneficial. The average American male watches 29 hours per week of television in the average American female watches 34 hours per week of television. There is a 25% risk of obesity for each two-hour block of sedentary activity done each day. Therefore it is important to get up and move. Body movement burns energy due to skeletal muscle use and it maintains physical fitness and decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. Does exercise produce weight loss? The answer is yes as physical activity typically is shown to influence approximately 3% of total body weight in most studies. Also, the average weight loss per week of exercise alone is 1 pound. Brisk walking is the standard in all programs. A simple rule is some exercise is better than none and more is better. There are many smart phone applications that can determine calories utilized when walking. Look for them as we often recommend to our patients to simply walk more. For those more fitness oriented, weightlifting or weight resistance exercises can be beneficial as this is the only way to build muscle mass or increase your metabolic engine. Always check with your doctor before starting any physical fitness program.

3. Behavorial Therapy: Self-monitoring is a basic behavioral technique to maintain weight loss. If there is no consistent monitoring there is typically no success. Set goals based on realistic baseline levels of activity and sedentary activity. An initial goal of a 10% increase of activity will hopefully lead to achieving moderate intense activity of up to 3 to 5 sessions per week and 30 to 60 minutes per session. Increase positive behaviors by making a social commitment to friends and family that you are losing weight and for them to encourage you to stay committed. This will improve your motivation. Know who, when, where, how long and with whom you need to keep associated with to maintain weight loss. Decrease stimulus cues that often increase eating behaviors. This could be as simple as spending less time in the supermarket or spending less time at the dinner table. Also, make it easy to exercise by keeping exercise clothing and footwear nearby exercise apparatus. Change your environment, rearrange your schedule and get exercise equipment out of storage or from under the bed or out in the garage and put in a place where you will likely use it. Also decrease stress by doing breathing exercises or meditation. Those who join exercise clubs with their spouse have a higher adherence rate showing social support is important. Therefore try to be around others who lead healthy lifestyles and buddy up with a friend to help reach your health goals.

Tips to Set Up Your Outside Security Cameras

Posted By: Oladiti Atm - July 27, 2017

Security Cameras

Whether you have bought your new security system to deter the burglars and criminals or to keep an extra eye on the nanny, your system will definitely start paying for its own worth right from the day you first install it.

However, set up and maintenance of your security systems could get a little messy when you are not a tech-pro! This does not mean that you need to worry! Just follow some ground rules and that's it.

So, here is a light reading for you to get low-down on the best tips for installing the new security gear.

Set up and Placement

Get your angles right!

Want to keep an eye on the sleeping baby? Place a cam over the cot. Hitting the road for vacations? Install one on the front door. Have tall trees and long shrubs? Get a camera or two for the backyard.

It is always important to capture the main areas of concern and record from the right angles. For instance, if you capture a person walking through the door, but are not able to see his face clearly, then your investment in the 'extra eyes' will go in vain. Another important tip is to get some additional mounting brackets in case you want to change the position of the cameras afterward.

Put a name on each camera!

As all the security cameras are positioned in different parts of the house, you can easily get confused while viewing them all on a single screen. The best solution for this is to give different names to cameras placed in different rooms or areas.

For example, you can easily name the cameras installed in the backyard, kitchen or baby's room. All this makes your system more manageable and easier to view.

Switch to wireless for long distances!

Most wireless systems allow consolidating the cams in a good range of 100 meters from the base station, both for indoors and outdoors. This feature certainly makes the wireless cameras perfect for monitoring larger areas such as sheds, yards and other locations that couldn't be reached with the normal wire extensions of the wired surveillance system.

Usage and Monitoring

Turn on the motion sensing capabilities!

Modern security cameras are equipped with motion sensors to efficiently track suspicious activities. Get the most out of your motion sensors by placing them seven feet high and facing them slightly downwards. This position will make a good difference to its motion sensing capabilities.

Customize the modes and settings!

After setting up your cameras successfully, the next big task is to customize the image recording and the alarm settings. Fine-tune your recording modes and notification settings to get your system working and your cams recording just the way you want them to.

One example is adjusting the DVR/NVR recording settings. In the 'continuous' recording mode, all your footage gets saved on the disk space, whereas in the 'scheduled' mode, your DVR/NVR records only for the pre-mentioned time period.

Connect your cameras to the Internet!

When your cameras are connected to the internet, you can view every nook and cranny of your home from your PC, even when you are at work or on holidays. This obviously gives you some peace of mind that your hard-earned assets are guarded round the clock!

Maintenance and Software

Save power when not in use!

You can always save up the battery power and extend its life by tuning the camera's recording settings. For example, you don't need to switch on all the motion detectors when everyone's home. Another instance is that your visitors might get a little uncomfortable when they notice three cams monitoring them in the living room. So, the best solution is to set timers for the cameras as well as sensors and switch them off when you don't need them.

Make the most of the apps and software!

Your security system most probably has some special apps and software that you can use to get 200% out of them. For example, if your security provider is offering a specific mobile app or software, then you can certainly expect some special controls in contrast to general apps and software. These privileges may include customized email alerts and push notifications for motion detection. So, now you just need to do one or more clicks to watch what's going on back at home!

Talk to the Pro people!

Whatever system you buy from the market, there are high chances that you will need some help while getting started with your system. It could be when you are installing the cables, setting up the hardware or dealing with the software. Whatsoever it is, it never hurts to get some expert advice from the people who know are the best.

Glo Introduce Free Data to All Subscribers

Posted By: Oladiti Atm - July 27, 2017

After all the bashing and poor rating of Glo on their official Facebook page, Glo decided to introduce full day of data to their subscribers.

Lots of fans have been complaining about glo network connection and it is now becoming a torture subscribing to Glo data plans because at the end of 29 days, you must have only succeeded in using 200MB out of 3GB.

Glo launch “Free Data Day” which rewards subscribers with free data to access the internet for a whole day and “Glo Welcome Back” which gifts customers who have not used the Glo Network in 30 days with free N6,000 airtime.

For the “Free Data Day”, you’ll only enjoy free 200MB data for a whole day when you meet the voice and/or data usage threshold within seven days preceding the Free Data Day to qualify.

How Can I Get The Free Data Day?
To enjoy the Free Data Day, subscribers are required to spend N250 or more on calls in the preceding 7 days to a free data day or spend at least N150 on calls and use a minimum of 100MB of data in the preceding 7 days to the free data day from any or a combination of methods such as Pay as you use, purchase of data plan and usage from existing data plan.

You’ll then be notified once you qualify.

Android O Release Date... Here are The Smartphones That will be getting Android O

Posted By: Oladiti Atm - July 27, 2017

I still don’t know why some persons are forever stuck with Android 4.4 kitkat & 5.0 Lollipop… No update, no nothing and the smartphone may now be behaving like a retired Peugeot motor.

But on the other hand, Google is not waiting for you, Android O is coming to a smartphone closer to you… and it is so unfortunate that not all smartphone will get it. Some probably till 2019 and I’m sure you know the kind of brands I’m referring to.

Android O is coming with lots of updates you dare to dream about and I’m sure you don’t want to miss out. Beginning from early to mid-August 2017, Android O is expected to be release via OTA updates to Android devices.

Pixel owners will definitely be the first to receive it. If you have been a devoted follower of Android OS, you’ll discover that Android Nougat 7.0 was released over-the-air in August 2016, and now this…

What Android Phones will be Getting Android O?

Well, according to speculations, here are the devices that will be getting Android 0.

Google Pixel, Pixel XL — Being Google's own devices, the two Pixels are ought to begin receiving Android O as soon as it's officially out.

Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X — Google's former flagship phones will likely begin receiving Android O after the Pixels, but should be running it well before the year ends.

Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+: No Info yet, but will like receive Android OTA update in February 2018
Galaxy Note 8: May like come with Android 0 out of the box… worst scenarios, Jan – Feb’18
Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge: Between March to April 2018
Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+: Spring time of 2018

HMD promised that Nokia 3, 5 & 6 will be getting Android 0 but there are not projected time for it.

LG V30, LG G6, LG V20 and LG G5: hearsay suggested that this version of LG may likely get Android 0 early 2018.

For the rest OEM’s, no word for now…
Do you think your smartphone brand will release Android 0 to older devices?

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