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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Benefits Of Climbing The Stairs

Posted By: Oladiti Atm - July 27, 2017


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There are several forms of exercise that people make use of to reach their respective goals. Different activities work for different people, and the degree of weight loss and endurance varies depending on a person's diet, metabolic rate, weight, etc. Time is of the essence to everyone, irrespective of their age, gender, or religion. Combining the urgency of time and meeting independent fitness goals, we have one form of exercise that is available to everyone and is one of the more easy ways to lose weight, but underutilized and overlooked. The effectiveness of this is more than any other form of quick cardio. This is the infamous - STAIRS!

Losing weight in certain spots is always hard, as a person's problem areas will always be the weakest and need the most attention. Spot losing is one of the biggest challenges when a person exercises, as it requires long-term perseverance to actually lose the same.

Most Indian women have pear-shaped bodies (thin upper body and big hips). Therefore we're often trying to find out how to reduce hip fat! It is one of the most common issues a woman faces when trying to spot-lose weight.

Climbing stairs engages the following muscles when utilized:
Lower back
Gluteal muscles (gluteus medius and minimus)

This is an incredible 6-in-1 package for women as it is a sure-shot and one of the more easy ways to reduce weight.

Every person looking for quick and effective weight loss techniques should make use of their building's stairs while going to their respective homes or offices. This can start off as 2 floors, increase to 5 and even go beyond 10. Not only does these steps greatly tone one's legs, hips, and butt, but also drastically increases a person's stamina.

Even planned workouts can be done on stairs. Several exercises like step-ups, calf raises, and other such exercises can be done on steps and require no other equipment. The advantage of steps is that it combines strength through body weight and stamina through the cardio aspect, thus giving a person an overall work out.

Stairs provide free and natural body sculpting for users, and it is important to note how much muscle and stamina improvement occurs if this is done regularly. This is one of the easiest ways to lose weight, and the biggest tip to save time and money while doing so. A person loses an average of 0.17 calories per step they take, which can add up to anywhere between 200 and 400 calories!

Additionally, people with weak knees and ankles as well as a weak back should be careful, as the impact of climbing stairs can strain these body parts. Even if a person doesn't suffer from any of the above; overdoing the stairs can actually create these problems and therefore should be done in controlled quantities.

An ideal workout using stairs should be at least 30 minutes, as it burns approximately 250 calories along with toning and shaping a person. This combined body workout can really strengthen someone's body and make them chiseled.

Walking regularly is widely considered to be one of the best tips to reduce weight. This literally gives you no excuse to skip a workout, because stairs are one of the most accessible areas for people in any and every strata of society.


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